Perspective marked cards

What is the perspective marked cards? How to see through the perspective marked deck? The principle of perspective marked decks is very simple, it is made of the normal deck with special invisible ink. Perspective marked deck of poker cards can provide you a clear perspective effect, it is suitable to be used whether it is the day or night.
Perspective marked cards is one of the popular marked cards. Once the normal playing cards is printed with the invisible ink, only our perspective contact lens can identify it. We can offer you many brand of marked deck, such as Fournier, Copag, Modiano, KEM, Bicycle and so on, any playing cards on the market can be marked as perspective marked cards.
However, how to see through the perspective marked deck? Exactly, the naked eyes can not see through the invisible ink marks, in addition to wearing the corresponding perspective glasses, there is no way can make it. This is the reason that many players dare to use this perspective marked decks.

                                     perspective playing cards with big invisible marking