Lucky mercury dice

Dice games are popular gamble game all around the world. Just like there are cards tricks products to help you win in the poker game, there also are cheating devices helping you to win in the dice games. For example, the mercury dice can make you dream come true--you can get the dice pips you want in the game.

To make sure we can get any pip we want, we dig a Three-dimensional rhombohedron inside the dice. To increase the security of this cheat dice, we replace the iron powder with mercury. As you can imagine, the three dimensional rhombohedron is sealed, so the mercury can move to any sides of dice. Let me take an example for you. If you want to get the 6 pips, you need to put the face of one down and knock it once slightly to make the mercury move to the position of one pip, and because of the gravity, the face of six will always upward. 

No one will find your secret because you can see nothing from its appearance. You can give us the dice we processing or you can buy the processed one from us. Your choice.