Hidden poker lens lighter

This is hidden poker scanner stainless lighter. Except for lighting, its most important function is to help the poker player winning the betting game.

Looking from the semblance of this cards tricks lens lighter, you won't realize that it can read the information hidden on the edge of the playing cards. There are many ways to turn on the cards tricks scanner, and this lighter camera is used magnetic switch. We will give you a little magnet to turn it on. You need to put the magnet close to the edge of the lighter and moving along to the other side, then the barcode cards scanner is on.

Inside the gamble cheat lens lighter, there are three tiny things, lens, battery and a signal transmitter. Once the marked deck scanner read the barcode marks, it will send the scanning data to your poker winner analyzer by the signal transmitter. And after analyzing, the winner analyzer will tell you the scanning outcome, such as the first winner, second winner and all ranks of the players. From scanning the barcode cards to telling you the scanning results, the whole course just takes 1 second. So you will plenty of time to make your decision for the poker game.

Normally, the battery of this hidden poker lens stainless lighter can work at least for 5 hours and you can replace battery if it is running off. You won't need to spend too much money in the battery because it is rechargeable.

Considering the actual need the customers have, we design many scanning distance. You can tell us the scanning distance you need before you place the order. And we hope our product can help you dream come true in the poker game.