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Invisibleinkmarkedcards is a poker manufacturer founded in 2000. She dedicate herself dedicated in researching and developing new products, such as UV marked deck, four hidden cameras blackjack shoe, five in one function scanning system and so on. After five years hard work in studing invisible ink, the professionals in Invisibleinkmarkedcards company have figure out the perfect proportion invisible ink to mark the playing cards. All the kinds of marked deck are processed by invisible ink, but the invisible ink they mixed are different. It is not any of the marked cards manufactures can make the perfect GS ultimate marked cards.

But Invisibleinkmarkedcards can!



Pokerdeceit is a professional marked cards manufacturer in China and it is famous on home and abroad. Since 1993 the years it established, It has been focusing on research and development about poker skills, offering professional service, first-rate products, fast delivery and perfect after-sales service.

Except for marked playing cards, Pokerdeceit also have double lens bar code poker scanner, texas holdem poker analyzer device, wireless remote control dice, perspective table on sale. we will let you know who have cheat with you for poker lenses, and how to expose poker cheating man. Wide range of products is one of the features of Pokerdeceit entertain company. Company can teach you how to marking cards with invisible juice ink. No matter you are professional magician of poker club manager, no matter you want to use it in private game or self-defense, you can find the things you need here.

Welcome to the poker world.



Sale marked cards is a mark poker products supplier set up in 1998, Specialized in sales invisible ink contact lenses and luminous marked cards. If you want to know how to mark playing cards, we can help you.

Among such many of entertainment companies, there must is the reason why can stand out in the crowd. All staffs of GS CARDS are dedicated in researching and developing new products which leads the market. The products are quite popular in Casinos, Private game, magic show and self-defensive. So, if you are one who wants to control the game, come!



Buymarkedcards is a well-known poker products entertainment company which has its origins in 1994 and been established in 2001. With such a long history in producing cards cheat products, she has accumulated a rich experience and an advanced technology in marking cards and inventing other cheating products. And being such a long time, she still has a strong vitality and that\\\'s an amazing miracle.

Holding a thought that can offer the newest casino cards cheat products for the customers, Buymarkedcards always can influence the market of poker cheat devices. And Buymarkedcards wish that their customers can win the gambling game with the help of their GS marked cards products.



Cards999 was founded in 1996 and it is the biggest poker tricks devices supplier in China. Here you can find all the poker related products, such as marked cards, processed dice, poker winner predictor analyzer and covered bar code marks scanner. It is no exaggeration to say that you can find every card tricks accessories you need in Cards 999.

After being 20 years researching and developing    in marked cards products, cards 999 have its own core technology in marking cards and have regular customers in many parts of world, such as European countries, USA, Canada, Brazil, UAE and so on.

High-quality products, transparent price, and perfect service are the reason why cards 999 become the biggest poker tricks suppliers in China and have such many of regular customer in abroad.


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IR3 marked cards are classified into back marked cards, and other common luminous marked cards camera cannot see its hidden marks. Rotatable IR lens daylight lamp camera is designed for this undetectable IR marked playing cards.

It is easy to use with. If you want to use special juice cards lens in your poker room, you just need to find place to connect with I...

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Here are some cards tricks devices that can help you play simple magic tricks like a magician.

1. Colored invisible ink contact lenses. This kind of colored contact lenses has been processed to see the back marked playing cards. And it has five colors: blue, green, grey, brown and black for you to choose. And there must is one color suitable for your eyes color. And because it will not change your eyes color after you wearing them to see the invisible ink marks playing cards, no one w...

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If you know how to play tricks in poker game, you would win more easily. And if you do not know how to play cards tricks, you can buy some cards trick devices to help you win. For example, the invisible ink playing cards.

As we all know, some of lights are invisible for human eyes, such as UV light and infrared light. And invisible ink marked decks are made with this principle, and we need some tools to read the juiced cards. No one will find the secret hidden information of the backs...

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So far, we have developed three generation of luminous contact lenses. It has been a long time since the first generation marked cards contact lenses had been launched. Do you know the first generation luminous contact lenses? It is our first invention of marked cards contact lenses that can see the invisible ink potion. The price is cheapest and you can see the marks on the marked deck, but it will change the color of your eyes after you wearing it.

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