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Marked cards IR contact lenses are popular

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So far, we have developed three generation of luminous contact lenses. It has been a long time since the first generation marked cards contact lenses had been launched. Do you know the first generation luminous contact lenses? It is our first invention of marked cards contact lenses that can see the invisible ink potion. The price is cheapest and you can see the marks on the marked deck, but it will change the color of your eyes after you wearing it.

And the second generation IR contact lenses are popular among the customers for its reasonable price and high quality. After you wearing it, for example, if your eyes are blue, after you wear the blue marked cards contact lenses, you eyes are still blue. You can see the invisible ink marks easily and it will not change your eyes color, except for using under some of lights.

And the third generation, the newest invisible ink contact lenses, is excellent made. It will not change your eyes color using at any kinds of light, and you feel nothing after you wearing it. Although the price is a little high, but you will know it deserve to this price after you try it.