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Cards Trick Devices Of Invisible Ink Playing Cards

If you know how to play tricks in poker game, you would win more easily. And if you do not know how to play cards tricks, you can buy some cards trick devices to help you win. For example, the invisible ink playing cards.

As we all know, some of lights are invisible for human eyes, such as UV light and infrared light. And invisible ink marked decks are made with this principle, and we need some tools to read the juiced cards. No one will find the secret hidden information of the backside of the playing cards, unless you have the luminous contact lenses and the infrared sunglasses.

Not all the marked cards manufacturers can produce good quality marked cards. Because the invisible ink that used to mark the signs on playing cards are needed to modulate. If the proportion is mixed a little different, the marks will be seen with naked eyes.

No matter the paper cards or the plastic playing cards, all can be made into invisible ink marked decks. And all brands of playing cards can make marks, too.

There are other kinds of cards trick devices if you need, such as poker winner system, edge marked bar code cards scanning system and remote control dice.