TOP5 Playing Cards Suppliers in 2017


Modiano is the preeminent manufacturer of Italian playing cards and regional Italian playing cards in Italy.


COPAG cards are considered by knowledgeable players of any card game to be the finest in the world.


playing cards suppliers


Kem Cards are made entirely of cellulose acetate material, the most durable plastic used today in playing card production.


playing cards suppliers

Playing Cards Suppliers

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GS marked cards

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Zoom lens infrared camera... 2017-01-05

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IR3 marked cards are classified into back marked cards, and other common luminous marked cards camera cannot see its hidden marks. Rotatable IR lens daylight lamp camera is designed for this undetectable IR marked playing cards.

It is easy to use with. If you want to use special juice cards lens in your poker room, you just need to find place to connect with I...

Easy magic tricks you can... 2017-01-05

Here are some cards tricks devices that can help you play simple magic tricks like a magician.

1. Colored invisible ink contact lenses. This kind of colored contact lenses has been processed to see the back marked playing cards. And it has five colors: blue, green, grey, brown and black for you to choose. And there must is one color suitable for your eyes color. And because it will not change your eyes color after you wearing them to see the invisible ink marks playing cards, no one w...

Cards Trick Devices Of In... 2017-01-05

If you know how to play tricks in poker game, you would win more easily. And if you do not know how to play cards tricks, you can buy some cards trick devices to help you win. For example, the invisible ink playing cards.

As we all know, some of lights are invisible for human eyes, such as UV light and infrared light. And invisible ink marked decks are made with this principle, and we need some tools to read the juiced cards. No one will find the secret hidden information of the backs...

Marked cards IR contact l... 2017-01-05

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So far, we have developed three generation of luminous contact lenses. It has been a long time since the first generation marked cards contact lenses had been launched. Do you know the first generation luminous contact lenses? It is our first invention of marked cards contact lenses that can see the invisible ink potion. The price is cheapest and you can see the marks on the marked deck, but it will change the color of your eyes after you wearing it.

Infrared night vision con... 2016-12-30

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Most people do not like too much change, or even will be fear because of changes in the surrounding environment. Therefore, they are used to maintain the status quo in order to maintain their sense of security.

However, the environment cannot be static. Especially in this competitive society, if overindulgence secure, they will lose valuable initiative and become lazy. And once lost the ability to adapt, even a little wind and rain cann...

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