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Car key barcode scanner a... 2016-12-10

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The car key camera are very convenient and easy to use. And the car key scanning camera is very popular among our customers.

The car key camera just look like a regular car key, which can not be detected by others. The car key scanning camera need work with poker analyzer, barcode marked cards. There are many brands of barcode marked cards, for example Copag barcode marked cards, Fournier barcode marked cards, Modiano bar...

Just Try The Marked Cards... 2016-12-09

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Some guys like playing poker games a lot, Texas holdem, Omaha, Rami, blackjack and so on, some even crazy about these games. However, not all the players can get what they want from the poker tables. Some spend lots on the poker but gets nothing except tiredness.

At this moment, can you stop playing poker in the future? Or would you like to try some other ways or products for enjoying poker games?&n...

Using omnipotent contact ... 2016-12-07

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Is the omnipotent contact lenses really working?

For this question, I know the people who have heard the omnipotent contact lenses are very interested in them. Such a magical product, what the effect it will be?

In fact, it does not mean that you can see through everything after wearing this kind of omnipotent contact lenses. This high definition vi...

Famous and reliable marke... 2016-12-06

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Established in 2002, Marked Cards Entertainment Products Limited is specialized in developing the newest and the most sophisticated products in the world such as luminous marked cards, UV contact lenses, IR contact lenses, Texas hold'em and Omaha scanning system, etc. These products can be applied into gambling tricks, self-defence, entert...

The secret and key to win... 2016-12-03

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There is someone who ever said that "hard working" and "owning" are the two sights of life. The words also applies to poker life.
Nowadays, poker game is very popular in western countries, many people like playing poker games very much, and playing poker has become one part of their life, when they play poker games, they can get great joys....

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TOP5 Marked Cards Providers in 2016
Invisible ink marked cards is a poker manufacturer founded in 2000. Being 16 years researching and developing in poker tricks products, it has its own technique in marking playing cards.
Poker deceit is a professional GS marked cards manufacturer in China and it is famous on home and abroad. It focuses on research and development about poker skills. With the most advanced technology of the ultimate marked cards, Teach you how to mark poker marks.
Sale marked cards is a mark poker products supplier set up in 1998, Specialized in sales invisible ink contact lenses and luminous marked cards. If you want to know how to mark playing cards, we can help you.
Buy marked cards is a well-known poker products entertainment company which has its origins in 1994 and been established in 2001. And now, she has her core technology in producing poker tricks devices.
Cards999 was founded in 1996 and it is the biggest poker tricks devices supplier in China. Here you can find all the poker related products, such as marked cards, processed dice, scanning camera and so on.