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Why you need to study you... 2016-04-22

 Why you need to study your opponents in poker games or poker tournaments?

Studying your opponents is always a work in progress. Even when you have studied an opponent for quite some time and feel like you have a good read on him, it is important to remember that he is not a machine that responds the same way every time. He will fool you at times, and surprise you at others. He may be different tomorrow than he was today.

Studying opponents is not a perfect sci...

It is very important of t... 2016-03-11

Everyone loves to have a poker game from time to time. Unfortunately we don’t always win, but the real fun is in the playing, not the winning. It just likes travelling, when we have a visit to some destinations, we not only to get there, while the important is the process and enjoyment of travelling. In order to increase the enjoyment of poker games, players try their best to think all kinds of ideas, and then there come up many kinds of poker high-tech devices, for ex...

The game of poker is chal... 2016-02-23

Poker is good for you. A bold statement you say? I can name several ways this statement is true. The game of poker is challenging and therefore keeps your mental acuity sharp. It supplies the adrenalin rush of competition that most gamesmen crave. It can fill your time with a camaraderie that can be rewarding. Last but not least, played well, poker can provide you with the extra coin of the realm which one can always find a use for. All in all it’s not a bad group of rewards for playing...

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